Patricia  or Richard Greenhough
Lifetime Leaning (NZ) Ltd
Phone 03 541 8122 or 021 980 024

After I worked for a large part of 2016 in Egypt, and Patricia was here all on her own, we have decided to offer our stunning property in Wakefield for sale. The sale is being handled by Rob Wallace of Bayleys in Nelson. This is his website
On it he is showing a brief video that my brother made. Here is the link for that.
Rob has a second longer and more detailed video as well.

Patricia is seeing clients at the Loveday Clinic at 17 Collingwood St Nelson on Mondays.  Phone her for an appointment - 021 980 024.

About Lifetime Learning

Lifetime Learning (NZ) Ltd is a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) based training company.

We are located on a beautiful, tranquil 4 hectare property five minutes drive from the village of Wakefield about half an hour's drive South of Nelson airport in the South Island of New Zealand.

NLP is a collection of value-based processes that are outcome and solution focussed and enhance all areas of life.

Lifetime Learning offers training, supervision, therapy, coaching, residential break through sessions, healing retreats, training design, and facilitated business planning.

We are Professional Members of the New Zealand Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming - NZANLP.

What we offer

  • Two internationally trained and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainers
  • Two internationally trained and certified Life Coaches
  • Two internationally trained and certified Hypnosis Trainers
  • Trainers who have different styles and different strengths
  • Immediate practical application of what you learn
  • Friendly, relaxed, and encouraging environment
  • Manageable hours for private and business life
  • Small groups so we give focused attention to each participant


Upcoming Events

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We now do all of our news updates through our Facebook page.

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Video links

Here is the link to a clip prepared by Jim Greenhough of Execam introducing our place and work.

And here is the link to a very short clip that Jim shot of me talking about your brain.