Who We Are

Patricia and Richard Greenhough started Lifetime Learning (NZ) Ltd in Christchurch in 1992, and have been delivering a broad range of coaching, therapy, and training services ever since. We like to work together to deliver NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings, and some shorter courses, but are not doing so at present.

Patricia Greenhough

Patricia has always been interested in health and well-being.

After separating with 4 small children at 25 she returned to school and started her education again.

She is an NZRN, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Trainer, HNLP Master Coach, mBrain Coach, Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Feldenkrais® Teacher, Tension and Trauma Release® Teacher, and has trained in many other modalities.

Patricia has worked as a palliative care nurse, as the Counselor Coordinator for Rape Crisis in Wellington, in a quarter way house from the psychiatric and prison systems, and done some training at Queen Mary Hospital with drug and alcohol dependence. She has been self employed for the last 30 years.

Patricia was living and working in Christchurch with her second husband Richard at the time of the earthquakes and this triggered a deeper interest in the healing of trauma. Her training has taken her across the world to find the best teachers available. She brings over 40 years of training and experience to her sessions and works with clients using NLP and other modalities to heal their past and design their future so that they can live the life their spirit yearns for.

Patricia  continues to do a lot of work by Zoom, Skype, and phone. 

She also teaches the Feldenkrais® Method and Tension and Trauma Release® exercises.

She loves to laugh, walk, learn, teach, attend yoga classes and spend time with family. 

Richard Greenhough

Richard is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner, Master Trainer, Coach, and Hypnosis Trainer. He has a National Diploma in Adult Education and Training at Level 5. He is also trained in conflict resolution.

Richard has developed health and safety plans, written NZQA unit standards and qualifications, facilitated focus and other groups, and developed and delivered many different kinds of training and assessment in organisations, Private Training Establishments, Government Training Establishments, and more recently, in Egypt.