NLP Practitioner training 2016

This NLP Practitioner training was a very powerful and life-enhancing course.  I have learnt many new tools that I can use and integrate into my life and am excited about sharing these with my clients, family, and friends.  Patricia and Richard teach as a team and this ‘dynamic duo’ guide and support you to maximise your full potential while demonstrating a living example of an energised, balanced life.  My wish would be that everyone could take an NLP course to gain more understanding, continue learning, and create the life they desire.


Business owner

NLP Practitioner training 2014

This is life-changing learning that you can use in every aspect of your life.  I'm a trainer and coach myself; I rate Patricia and Richard as two of the best trainers I've worked with.

Denise Hartley-Wilkins, MHRINZ, MCIPD

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training

“I am incredibly fortunate to have trained in NLP and as a Master Practitioner with Patricia and Richard Greenhough. Between them they have the most incredible myriad of skills, training, and knowledge that I know of here or anywhere in the world.”

Victoria Pomeroy, Yoga teacher, Business owner

NLP Practitioner training 2016

A beautifully and professionally presented course that not only thoroughly trains you in all required NLP theory and processes, they take a holistic approach that includes a whole range of extra skills for you to take away with you as a practitioner for personal development.


Self-employed Electrician

This course has given me so much knowledge and so many practical skills to enhance my life in every aspect and facilitate great change with and for others.  It ties in with and enhances all my existing skills and expertise privately and professionally as is becoming a way of life/


An invaluable investment

The amount of gratitude I have for the skills that Richard and Patricia have taught me is beyond anything I could ever imagine. If some of these NLP presuppositions were taught in schools, the next generation would be more resilient and resourceful. An invaluable investment that enriches all areas of your life.


Life changing and very good value

Patricia and Richard teach a whole gamut of skills and strategies that you an start using right form day one.  Life changing, and very highly recommended! Very good value.


Business owner

Patricia and Richard deliver first class education in how we make positive changes in our lives.  I have come out with so many practical processes that I can use myself and with others.


NLP Practitioner and teacher

This training has been profound and life-changing for me

This training has been profound and life-changing for me in so many ways.  Patricia and RIchard are absolutely world class I and I know I have an incredible foundation to begin working with clients.  


NLP Practitioner training has been absolutely life changing

NLP Practitioner training has been absolutely life changing, I have learnt so much when it comes to the conscious and unconscious mind, being able to create change in my reality that lasts, healing within, and changing my state.  Thank you!


Marketing, health and wellness.

Life changing! Necessary tools for living life fully.

Training with Richard and Patricia was absolutely food for the brain.  As Master Trainers they deliver the content in a digestible format which allowed me to absorb new learnings with ease and joyfully.  Life changing!  Necessary tools for living life fully.  


Investment specialist.

This is one of the best things I have invested in, ever!

I fully recommend this training for personal development as well as the possibility of working in a professional capacity.  Patricia and Richard make the training a joy with a well paced and professional teaching style.  This is one of the best things I have invested in, ever!


Registered comprehensive nurse, Suzuki Piano teach

“Lifetime Learning’s NLP practitioner training has been the greatest thing I have ever done to invest in myself. Since starting training my life has drastically changed for the better, I wake up smiling and ready to create my life because I now have the tools to do so. The training is fantastic, Richard and Patricia make every session enjoyable from start to finish, the classes are set out in ways that make it easy to learn and implement. If you're looking to make change in your own life and in those around you, I highly recommend investing in this course.” – Gareth – self-employed, marketing and health and wellness.


self-employed, marketing and health and wellness

NLP Practitioner 2020

“Doing the Practitioner training gave me the confidence and resources to manage my life and profession with so much more certainty and skill. Patricia and Richards’ style of training is profound, thorough, and paced expertly. We’re lucky to have their calibre of training here in Christchurch, NZ”.   -  Lisa Tui, self-employed tutor and songwriter.

Lisa Tui

self-employed tutor and songwriter

NLP Practitioner training 2020

“I am currently halfway through my NLP practitioner training with Patricia and Richard. This training has been a joyous life changer for me personally - I have had so many major shifts, insights and light bulb moments! I also can’t wait to begin helping people in a professional capacity! Thanks so much Patricia and Richard!” – Deb – early childhood music specialist and artist.



early childhood music specialist and artist

Three hour introduction to NLP

I found the whole afternoon completely compelling. The tools I gained in just a few hours have already made me feel different about aspects of relationships with people in my life. Even though not all information was new, it was presented in a useful and relevant way that was accessible for me (and I'm guessing nearly everyone) to use.
I have/will highly recommend you to friends and family who could really benefit from hearing about NLP. I hope they come.

I found you both gentle, kind and easy to listen and to talk to.

I didn't know what to expect, and I came away feeling positively enlightened and with tools to perpetuate that enlightenment past the afternoon and into my daily life.

I leave the country in two weeks but I really wish you all the best and hope that some of my friends may decide to find you some day.

All the best,

Thank you again for a lovely afternoon,

I may well come and find you in the future when I’m back in N.Z.


NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training.

Patricia and Richard deeply inspired me in the power of personal change by delivering an impeccable NLP Practitioner training. Having now experienced their unique Master Practitioner Training, I am enormously grateful for having trained under two true masters. Richard and Patricia are a dynamite combination of joy and knowledge. You will have a ball.

KeiShana Coursey

NLP Practitioner training 2014

Patricia and Richard are so knowledgable, caring, and generous that learning felt safe, comfortable, and fun.

Karen Millican, BSc, ICS

The Map of Meaning for Counsellors, Coaches, and Therapists

Patricia is well experienced in her subject, and has used it intensively in her own life for many years. This enables her now to teach it in an easily understood, personalised and flexible manner and I left the course feeling ready to use what I had been taught, for myself as well as others.

Charles Lips

The Map of Meaning for Counsellors, Coaches, and Therapists


"Patricia, one of the three founders of the Holistic Development Group, has been developing uses of the Map of Meaning for more than twelve years.  She has designed exquisitely practical ways to use the Map of Meaning for ourselves, and with others, to positively transform all areas of our lives."

Lani Morris MSc, MBA, Business educator

Co-author "The Map of Meaning"

The Map of Meaning for Counsellors, Coaches, and Therapists

"The Map of Meaning comes to life with Patricia's skillful exercises and expertise".

Associate Professor Marjolein Lips-Wiersma

Co-author "The Map of Meaning"

Healing retreats

I found all the sessions extremely useful.  I felt very welcome, and was treated with respect and kindness.  The food was sumptuous, very generous portions - Yummy!  Nice, comfortable, clean accommodation that has everything requred for a pleasant stay.  The surroundings are beautiful  and give a sense of tranquility, very conducive to getting the most from the sessions. 


Healing retreats

Patricia provided a safe and relaxed environment to enable me to get what I required from the breakthrough sessions. Her range of skill and technique expertise meant that she was able to be particularly responsive to my needs through utilising the many tools in her toolbox.

I found the whole encounter to be immensely rewarding, this in no small measure due to Patricia’s encouraging and lovely manner.

Richard was pretty good company too!


Healing retreats

"I came to get insights that would make my life easier, more useful, and enjoyable.  This occurred."



“I’ve had lots of counselling and coaching in the past thirty years. My experience of the coaching work that Patricia does with me is that it’s the most useful I’ve experienced. Firstly it doesn’t require me to spend time in past upsets, but allows me to work with them constructively and to move to a different experience by the end of the coaching session. This means that I don’t feel mired in the past, not do I ignore it, but move through it into a new future. The sessions are practical and also allow me to make behavioural changes unconsciously as well as consciously so that I do not have to think about changing behaviour, but notice that I am doing things differently. My life has changed in many ways in the past five years during the time I’ve been coached by Patricia. The clearest feedback I’m receiving from others is that I am ‘a million times more authentic now than you have ever been’ and I thought I was authentic! Secondly, I feel grounded and in present time, dealing with life practically and soundly in a way that feels quite different to me. Overall, I have found Patricia’s work to be light sharp, effective, fun and it has produced results that are way beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Lani Morris MSc, MBA, Business educator

Co-author "The Map of Meaning"

Self-hypnosis training

“The process of self-hypnosis is one that has depth with real life application and can be used in a very ready and easy format. Patricia and Richard bring the subject to life in a fun, imaginative, and sensitive way of delivery. Excellent tutors always!”

Lucy Ragg, Health practitioner

Self-hypnosis training

“Yet again Patricia and Richard deliver practical tools for living life to the fullest using simple methods. Delivered with passion and creating intrigue to learn even more.”

Keishand Coursey, Business owner

NLP Master Practitioner training

“Patricia and Richard Greenhough’s Master Practitioner of NLP Course is a positive and life-changing course that has greatly benefited my relationships and work opportunities – invaluable – a huge thank you for your generosity and for changing my life. You are simply brilliant.”

Lynda Cameron, Trainer

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training

“The environment for learning is brilliant and the content of the course material outstanding. Lifetime Learning at its best.”

Carolyn McSweeney, Medical herbalist, HNLP Coach

NLP Practitioner training

"Another thing I love about NLP, I can use the processes to help others or by myself, for myself.”

Nicola Price, Student

NLP Practitioner training

“The course surpassed my high expectations. The program spread over six months was beneficial in that the space between weekends helped integrate learning. The trainers were excellent, and the whole program was very practical for business people.”

Bruce White, General Manager

NLP Practitioner training

“I thought I’d come away with one or two things to help me to empower others to be the best they can. The tools I learnt go well beyond that and fit into every corner of my life. I have been enriched. Others will be too.”

Amanda Candy, Fitness and personal coach

NLP Master Practitioner training

“I found Patricia and Richard’s Master Practitioner training a fantastic and individually paced opportunity to integrate the theoretical and practical concepts of NLP.”

Maureen Vance, Manager, Adult Reading Assistance

NLP Practitioner training

“Enriching course – on many levels.”

Sandra White - Practice nurse

NL Pratitioner training

“A comprehensive course facilitated with sensitivity and paced to cater for individuals’ differing needs.”

Maureen Vance, Manager, Adult Reading Assistance

The Art of Coaching Yourself training

“After 4 extraordinary days of training there is even more colour in my life…here’s the view from our training room … I was captivated by our surroundings, great food and good, good company … I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to do more.”

Lisa Tui Jonathan, Music coach and teacher


“I was very impressed with how skilfully you wove together different elements of HNLP coaching and even more impressed with the changes that resulted. By noon today I had made three important follow-up calls’ two that I had been putting off for a while and one that I had handled within a few hours of realising I needed to do it. Thank you for helping me work through my resistance around making follow-up calls.”

Sam Wieder MBA, NLP Trainer, Professional & Coach


“Patricia has provided me with state-of-the-art coaching for over a year. In that time my awareness of the coaching process has deepened and my own clients have benefited enormously. Patricia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her coaching role as she is trained and skilled in many different personal development models. This breadth of knowledge means that she has plenty of helpful ways to consider any specific coaching issue. Patricia expertly models world class coaching and as a ‘coaches coach’ she excels. All this professionalism with a warm energy and laughing.”

Nigel Thompson MD, Coach


I had the privelidge of having four Feldenkrais® sessions with Patricia, following a recent knee injury.  Both during and after each session, I experienced my whole body awakening and being engaged in the process of comfort and healing.
Patricia's ability to facilitate an awareness of my movement and how to support ongoing ease, resulted in a rapid improvement and confidence in my ability to enhance comfort, function, and a quick recovery.

Lyn Smith

NLP Practitioner training

Excellent trainers, excellent material, and a great learning experience.

Michael Sampson

NLP Master Practitioner training

I highly recommend this course. It has been the greatest investment I have ever made for myself and my family. I will be eternally grateful for this. Thank you Richard and Patricia for the opportunity and your generosity. It has been an honour and privilege to be part of this ongoing lifetime learning experience

Julia Taylor-James

Master Practitioner NLP, HNLP Coach