Therapy Sessions

Patricia delivers therapy sessions at the Loveday Clinic, 17 Collingwood Street, Nelson.  These sessions can include NLP, Coaching, Kinesiology, and other techniques to help you to heal your past and design your future.

Breakthrough Sessions

Book a day or even more with Patricia to make major changes in your life in exactly the way that you want. She also works with couples, families, and small groups in this way.

HNLP Coaching

Coaching sessions with us are the quickest way to take yourself from an unwanted state to a resourceful and fully functioning state. This kind of coaching is relevant both personally and professionally.

HNLP Coaching was developed by John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn of Neuro Energetics. Patricia is a Certified HNLP Master Coach, and Richard a Certified HNLP Coach. Most of our coaching is done by Skype or  phone so that you can work with us wherever you are.

Professional Supervision

Many therapeutic modalities require regular supervision, and The New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming Inc (NZANLP) recommends that practicing members have regular supervision.

We believe that professional supervision is the way to empower and enrich your practice. Patricia is a very experienced supervisor, having worked with people from many caring professions.  Richard also offers supervision.

Patricia and Richard both have regular supervision with other NLP trainers themselves.

Training Design and Delivery

We can design training sessions to meet your needs or those of an organisation.  These can be delivered by us or by your people.